Creative Spaces

Arts INC is a community-driven and innovative creative hub, located in the heart of downtown Fort McMurray. A creative campus, where visitors can engage with the arts, make discoveries, and cultivate a sense of community. Fully accessible, Arts INC will feature diverse and purposeful spaces for people of all ages to feel empowered and connected to the arts.

Imagine a place...
that feeds your creativity while fostering economic and cultural growth!

Teaching Circle

The Teaching Circle is a highly visible, interactive, and intimate circular workspace. Visible to passersby on Manning Avenue through the facility’s expansive front windows, the Teaching Circle is perfect for groups to share experiences, learn, and connect. This space is complete with electrical outlets, dual height work surfaces, sinks, and is accessible.

Adaptable Space

The Adaptable Space is the most nimble room at Arts INC. It features audiovisual capabilities, adjustable lighting, and both a green screen and projector screen options. This space can be configured with tables and chairs or be left open for possibilities. The Adaptable Space is perfect for creation, collaboration, and celebration.

Maker Space

A community of eight individual, secure art studios. Each space is equipped with its own ventilation system, sink and counter work area, full spectrum lighting, and so much more to support a multitude of creative practices. Each Maker Space also features a front porch for artists to display their work, connect with one another, and enjoy an atmosphere of inspiration.

Market Place

The Marketplace is a retail space that will feature the work of local artists and ACWB Members, contributing to the economic development of the Wood Buffalo arts scene.

Music Space

The Music Space boasts four individually sound-proofed rehearsal spaces, designed for individuals, pairs, and groups to jam. Versatile and functional, the Music Space is outfitted with locker storage and the essential equipment needed to get loud.

Performance Space

The Performance Space is an intimate 34 seat venue that supports live performances, presentations and film screenings. The Theatre Space has technical set-up for lighting, sound, and projections. The design includes a green room, storage, and dressing area, making it perfect for an array of activities.

Teaching Kitchen

The Teaching Kitchen is a hub for culinary arts. The commercial-grade kitchen includes a Teaching Station with gas range and multiple student stations with induction cooktops and equipped with everything a budding chef could need. Through integrated technology, live video of the instructor can be displayed on screens throughout the space, making it easy for students to follow even the finest of details. Curious minds will love the windows into the kitchen, giving passersby the opportunity to peek in at the magic.

Arts INC

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this project matter?

Arts and culture are the lifeblood of a vibrant society, telling the stories of our region, entertaining, and providing education. Arts and culture reflect the community and provide respite that contributes to the wellbeing of our residents. Arts and culture delivers intrinsic value to the community, promoting and empowering inclusivity, while adding important social and economic benefits.

Yes, Arts INC will function as a social enterprise, supporting the operations of Arts Council Wood Buffalo, including the Arts INC facility. One of ACWB’s goal is to reduce or eliminate dependence on municipal funding within 5 years of opening its doors to the community. Social entrepreneurship delivers sustainable revenue and social impact.

Arts INC is based on a business model known as a ‘social enterprise.’ Social enterprises are revenue-generating businesses with a twist. The Arts INC business model is one with primarily social objectives whose surpluses are reinvested for that purpose in the business or in the community, rather than being driven by the need to deliver profit to shareholders and owners.

Yes, all the creative spaces at Arts INC will be available for public rental to individuals, groups, and businesses.

No, Arts INC is a campus open to artists, the creatively curious, and those that appreciate the arts. It benefits the whole community, regardless of whether you self-identify as an artist.

The former cinema building is no longer in use and has now been purchased by ACWB. The property presents many options and opportunities that are closely linked to the arts incubator concept, including a theatre, movie and rehearsal space, large rooms, and outdoor space for parking, markets, and events. Repurposing a building represents an estimated cost savings of approximately $30M, as per our 2021 Feasibility Study.

In addition, the building is located in the downtown area, which has been identified by local government as an area for redevelopment. Findings from public engagement by the Municipality has shown that this area is ideal for arts and cultural space as well as economic development. Arts INC will be a catalyst for downtown revitalization.

Arts INC is located in Fort McMurray, but we welcome participation from all communities and groups from across the region.

Once established, Arts INC will use a “hub and spoke model” to provide services to rural and Indigenous communities.  The successful Rural Arts Support Program facilitated by our Indigenous staff co-creates activities within the communities they serve. Arts INC will provide the base to expand this program through shared virtual programming as well as in-person programming. It will provide a base for the Artist in Residence Program which brings artists to our region to provide mentorship and learning opportunities. Working with different partners in the region, having Arts INC as a hub will allow us to bring participants from rural communities to Fort McMurray and will continue to support sending the AiR artists to the rural communities.

Anyone wishing to donate to this project may do so – donations $50 and over are eligible for a Charitable Donation Receipt. Your support is vital to making this project a reality in our community.